#319 — August 28, 2020

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Database Weekly

AWS EBS Gets New Volume Type (io2) with Higher Durability and IOPS Aimed at Databases — AWS’s Elastic Block Storage service now has a new volume type aimed at ‘high-performance, business-critical databases and workloads’ (and cites SAP HANA, SQL Server and IBM DB2, in particular) which promises 100x higher durability and 10x more IOPS/GiB than other options.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

Microsoft Now Developing Its Own Hadoop — Microsoft’s Azure division is working on its own distribution of Hadoop under its ‘HDInsight’ brand.

Alex Woodie

Try CockroachDB Free for 30 Days and Get a T-Shirt 👕 — Scale fast, survive anything, deploy anywhere. CockroachDB is the SQL database for developers building modern applications. Try for free today and we'll send you a Cockroach t-shirt.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

Redis Labs Raises $100 Million, Becomes a Unicorn — The company behind the Redis database/data structure store has raised a large round of funding and taken its valuation to over $1bn.

Redis Labs

Why PostgreSQL 13 Will Be a 'Lucky' Release — See why the author thinks that 13, often maligned as an ‘unlucky’ number, will be lucky for Postgres — it adds features like incremental sort, parallel vacuum, and improves performance of B-tree indexes.

Jonathan S. Katz

A Look at TTL Indexes in Mongo — When someone as smart as Brandur says a MongoDB feature is *“one of the most useful new database features in years”, I listen. TTL indexes provide a way to automatically prune old data. Redis and DynamoDB have similar concepts and I use TTLs on the latter to run engineeringblogs.xyz :-)

Brandur Leach

MongoDB Grows Asian Footprint Through Alibaba Cloud — In an effort to expands its presence in the Asia-Pacific region MongoDB is now working with Alibaba Cloud who will offer MongoDB via its ‘ApsaraDB for MongoDB’ service.

Aaron Tan

▶  Database Penetration Testing and Privilege Escalation — A 40-minute exploration of database exploitations (MariaDB, MySQL) via the use of user-defined functions.

Motasem Hamdan

How to Turn An Ordinary gzip Archive into a Database — How specially crafted gzip archives can be used as a database-like store.

Artem Golubin

How Wix is Able to Host 1 Million Sites Per MongoDB Cluster — When you need to store millions of databases with multiple collections efficiently, what do you do? This is exactly the question Wix faced when working on its Wix Data service.

Giedrius Graževičius (Wix)

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