#320 — September 4, 2020

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Database Weekly

The Life of a Data Byte — A byte is just eight bits.. right? Not always! Jessie takes a pretty interesting ‘walk down memory lane’ (ha!) to look at the history of bits and bytes from 1951 to the current time. You’ll learn at least an interesting factoid or two here.

Jessie Frazelle

How Facebook Accelerates SQL at Extreme Scale — Serving SQL queries on a petabyte of data is one thing, but delivering it at Facebook’s scale is something else entirely. They’ve used an open source virtual distributed file system called Alluxio to do it..

Alex Woodie

Try CockroachDB Free for 30 Days and Get a T-Shirt 👕 — Scale fast, survive anything, deploy anywhere. CockroachDB is the SQL database for developers building modern applications. Try our managed service and we'll send you a Cockroach t-shirt.

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ArangoDB 3.7: A Big Step Forward for Multi-Model — It’s been fun watching ArangoDB, a multi-model database that supports multiple NoSQL models out of the box, develop over the past several years. With version 3.7, Arango claims to be the “most flexible and scalable graph database available” which is quite the claim given the competition. There are new fuzzy search capabilities available and HTTP/2 support too.


Oracle Introduces MySQL Database Service — Oracle is now offering a hosted and managed MySQL service running on Oracle Cloud and boasts that it’s the only service 100% developed and supported by the actual MySQL team.

Oracle NoSQL

▶  Discussing Document Databases and Mongo with Joe Karlsson — An easily accessible podcast (in true Scott Hanselman style) about MongoDB and how document databases differ from classic table-based systems, with a MongoDB engineer as the guest. 32 minutes.

Scott Hanselman podcast

The Inner Workings of Oracle Development — Thoughts on a Hacker News thread I somehow missed at the time that touched on some of the processes and approaches used at Oracle to work on its database. The key to success? Millions of tests.

Bruce Momjian

Heroku's Streaming Data Connectors and Best Practices — Heroku has three managed data service offerings: Heroku Postgres, Heroku Redis, and Apache Kafka on Heroku. This article looks at how Heroku’s streaming data connectors help users integrate Kafka into bigger systems.

Nick Daigler

Using Envoy Proxy’s New PostgreSQL & TCP Filters to Collect SQL Statistics — The new PostgreSQL filter from Envoy Proxy makes it easy for developers & ops engineers to collect SQL statistics.

YugabyteDB sponsor

What’s New in MongoDB 4.4

Onyancha Brian Henry

Why We Chose a Distributed SQL Database (TiDB) to Complement MySQL


Full-Text Search Battle: Postgres vs Elasticsearch — Less a battle and more a basic comparison of techniques with a simple benchmark, but may be of interest.

Rocky Warren

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