#326 — October 16, 2020

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Database Weekly

VisiData 2.0: A Terminal Spreadsheet Multitool for Discovering and Arranging Data — Here’s an introductory tutorial to what you can use this tool (which has been described as 'vi for data' before) for or maybe you'd prefer a 4-minute lightning talk/demo by its creator (even if you don't like videos, it's worth seeing the tool in action).

Saul Pwanson

Oracle Launches High-Performance Cloud Database ServiceOracle Exadata Cloud Service X8M is designed to provide existing Oracle customers with a way to tackle larger (or ‘most challenging’) data problems without any underlying app changes.

Mike Wheatley

Crunchy Bridge: More Postgres Power, Less Administration — A better option for your Postgres hosting. With a rich set of extensions like PL/Python + SciPy/NumPy/Pandas and more on demand, Crunchy Bridge is made for modern apps. Built by Postgres experts and the team who brought you Heroku Postgres.

Crunchy Data sponsor

Making 2 Million Ancient Usenet Posts Available with Postgres and PythonUsenet was a fascinating distributed discussion system whose heyday was in the 80s and 90s and there are various archives of posts made to it (such as someone asking what Postgres is in 1989!).

Jozef Jarosciak

Machine Learning Straight Through SQL with MariaDB — You can now train and run ML models straight from MariaDB using SQL thanks to MindsDB and the CONNECT storage engine.

Vicențiu Ciorbaru

Aggregate All The Things: New Aggregations in Elasticsearch 7 — The popular search-oriented document database has added some new aggregations like rare_terms, top_metrics, and auto_date_histogram.

Alexander Reelsen (Elastic)

Alphora-Style Database Diagramming — Thoughts on database diagramming and one approach to referencing between tables.

McKay Salisbury

Security Best Practices for PostgreSQL — Here's a framework and a series of recommendations to secure and protect a PostgreSQL database. Download white paper.

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⚙️ Code and Tools

Couchbase Shell: A Modern Shell for Couchbase Server and Cloud — Provides an appealing terminal-based way to work with Couchbase. Written in Rust and works on Windows, Mac and Linux.


A List of Useful SQL Server Tools — Taryn is a database administrator at Stack Overflow and this is what she uses day to day to work with SQL Server when she’s doing cool stuff like migrating 40TB databases.

Taryn Pratt

An Introduction to Jedlik: Nicer DynamoDB for Node Developers — An object-document mapper (ODM) for Node, written in TypeScript, designed to make DynamoDB (Amazon’s hugely scalable document database service) easier to work with.

Michael Harrison

Cayley: An Open-Source Graph Database Built for Linked Data — Cayley supports several backends including LevelDB, PostgreSQL, Mongo, and more.


Couchbase Lite 2.8 and Sync Gateway 2.8 Now GA

What is Flexible Server in Azure Database for MySQL?

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