#327 — October 23, 2020

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Database Weekly

Fluree 1.0: A 'Blockchain-Inside' Graph Database Goes Open Source — Squeezing as many hot topics into a release as possible, Fluree is a graph database that includes blockchain technology for traceability, auditing, and secure data collaboration. Its biggest user right now is the US Department of Defense. It’s AGPL licensed and written in Clojure. More in this ZDNet writeup.

Kevin Doubleday

Vespa vs. Elasticsearch for Matching Millions of People — As a dating app, OKCupid has a lot of data on its hands and being able to match up the right people with the right other people is a serious data problem. This post digs into how they considered both Elasticsearch and Vespa for their usecase.

OkCupid Engineering Blog

Free Download: GigaOm’s Radar Report for Cloud Databases — With so many players in the DBaaS market–each with their own capabilities, strengths, and challenges–it’s hard to compare different products. GigaOm’s unbiased analysis is here to make that process easy.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

SQLite to Allow Multiple Recursive SELECT Statements in a Recursive CTE — On Hacker News, Simon Willison noted that “This means you can use SQLite as a graph database. The draft documentation for this feature talks about that in more detail here. Expect this in SQLite 3.34.0 due in December.

Richard Hipp

Amazon RDS Now Offered on Arm-Based Graviton2 Processors — If you’re looking for a trend, managed database systems migrating to Arm could become one, as Amazon rolls out Relational Database Service (RDS) onto its own Arm-based Graviton2 processors and boasts all sorts of performance and efficiency improvements.

Sébastien Stormacq (AWS)

Making a Scalable and Fault-tolerant Database System: Partitioning and Replication — Learn how data partitioning and replication work in Scylla, to ensure that it is a database both scalable and fault tolerant.

Kamil Braun (Scylla)

Generating and Sending MIDI Messages with.. SQL? — Did I expect to see someone working with MIDI data using SQL? No. Is it intriguing? Yes. Do I see the point? Not quite yet.

František Kučera

Experiences Working with a 600+ Terabyte ElasticSearch Cluster
Guillaume Dauvin

Introducing Multi-Cloud Clusters on MongoDB Atlas — You can now deploy across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud simultaneously.
MongoDB, Inc.

Streaming Data from Amazon QLDB to DynamoDB with Node
Matt Lewis

How to Run Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes from Azure Kubernetes Service
Elastic Blog

Building an Evernote to SQLite Exporter
Simon Willison

⚙️ Code and Tools

pgFormatter: A Postgres SQL Syntax Beautifier — Pitches itself as being for Postgres but claims to be happy with SQL generally. There’s an online demo here.

Gilles Darold

Edge Caching For MySQL and PostgreSQL — Distributed just like a CDN, scale reads globally for low latency experiences. Deploy in minutes without writing code.

PolyScale sponsor

MongoMeili: Keep Your Mongoose Schemas Synced with MeiliSearchMeiliSearch is a search focused system built in Rust (GitHub repo) and this will let you sync documents between Mongo and MeiliSearch so you can use Mongo as your canonical store and MeiliSearch for the end-user search aspects.

Loophole Labs

Dogsheep: Tools for Personal Analytics Using SQLite and Datasette
Simon Willison

Graph Visualization Just Got Easier: Introducing Neo4j Bloom 1.4

Neo4j Unveils Graph-Native Machine Learning in Neo4j

Ververica Platform 2.3: An End-To-End Platform for Flink SQL