#329 — November 6, 2020

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Database Weekly

NoisePage: A 'Self Driving' Database Management System — We’ve touched on this topic of self-optimizing databases a few times over the years and I think we’re going to see far more of it this decade. NoisePage is an open source, relational database (that uses a Postgres-compatible wire protocol) out of CMU that's entirely focused on testing out autonomous deployment and machine learning optimization techniques.

Carnegie Mellon University Database Group

DuckDB: The Little OLAP Database That Could — We’ve featured DuckDB a few times. It’s a local, in-process OLAP database system that seems to be getting a lot of love from different directions lately. Here, the author takes it for a spin and shares some TPC-DS benchmark results before calling it a ‘hummingbird of databases - small and fast’.

Martin Milewicz

Best-Practices on How to Speed Up Your Postgres Queries. Free eBook — We share our learnings from helping companies like Atlassian, Robinhood, and others speed up their queries.

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Results of Percona's 2020 Database Management Survey — The majority are using open source database monitoring tools, downtime and performance are people’s biggest concerns, AWS leads the way in cloud databases (though Azure is close at larger companies), multi-cloud setups are uncommon, and databases are only continuing to get larger. MySQL dominates amongst database systems here, but that’s perhaps no surprise given Percona’s origins.


Developers Increasingly Pair MongoDB with PostgreSQL, Survey Finds — An interesting finding that comes out of a new Studio3T survey of 18,000 developers. Redis is also a common pairing with MongoDB.

Matt Asay

Procella: YouTube’s Analytical Column Store — This post is from June but we missed it at the time. It digs into an SQL-based processing engine YouTube uses that’s built on top of all sorts of Google bits and pieces. Mark Litwintschik also wrote about Procella last year.

Joe Schafer

Election Night Prediction Modeling using PL/R in Postgres — Rather than constantly refreshing Twitter for election news, Joe Conway was busy trying to run some R-based election forecasting code in Postgres.

Joe Conway

▶  What's So Exciting About PostgreSQL? — PostgreSQL guru Craig Kerstiens went onto the popular Changelog podcast to talk about his favorite relational database. There’s also a well produced transcript to read, if you prefer.

The Changelog podcast

CYPEX - Build Low Code PostgreSQL Applications Faster Than Ever — With CYPEX you can build dashboards, apps and forms based on PostgreSQL databases within seconds and with greatest ease.

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sql.js: SQLite Compiled to JavaScript — No persistence as it works with a virtual database file stored in memory (though it can be exported). Potentially useful for building SQL tutorials or even client side data manipulation systems. Demo here.

Numerous Contributors

Sir: A Local Filesystem 'git-Diffable' JSON Database — Principally aimed at Node users needing a simple data store. In a similar local, lightweight vein as Python’s TinyDB, JSDB or the Mongo-inspired minim-json-db.

Cris Stringfellow

I Deleted a Database in Production.. And Had No Backup
Aashish Nehete

Basic Streaming Data Enrichment on Google Cloud with Dataflow SQL
Antonio Cachuan

The Rise of the Event Streaming Database
Ben Stopford (Confluent)

MySQL 8.0.22 Released