#330 — November 13, 2020

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🔥 This is an issue not to be missed. There's so much going on in the database world this week – admittedly quite a bit of it AWS-focused 😏 but SQLite, MongoDB, CockroachDB, Redis, and Postgres all get a look-in too.
Peter Cooper, editor

Database Weekly

AWS Glue DataBrew: A Visual Data Preparation Tool — Good analytics and reports rely upon good, clean data. Glue DataBrew is a new tool for helping you clean and normalize data stored in S3, Redshift, RDS, and other places which you can then use in systems like SageMaker, Redshift or Athena. Despite the rather dodgy name, this looks like a neat service and I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

Amazon Web Services

SQLite Status Report 2020: A Slidedeck — A slide deck covering the state of SQLite which is now 20 years old. The corresponding talk isn’t here but the slides are packed with info and examples nonetheless on areas like recursive CTEs, CLI improvements, and security considerations.

D. Richard Hipp

Postgres Build 2020 - PostgreSQL Online Conference [Free] — Listen to 25+ talks on the latest in PostgreSQL and on how PostgreSQL helps businesses. This conference will also provide wellness sessions to promote health and revitalize. Join us from December 8 - 9. Register now.

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You Can Now Export DynamoDB Table Data Directly to S3 — Rigging up a system based on Data Pipeline, EMR, or Glue and DynamoDB Streams to shuttle DynamoDB data to S3 has long been a common task, but now you can export DynamoDB table data straight to S3 in JSON or Ion format (and then query it with Athena using standard SQL).

Alex Casalboni (AWS)

Databricks Launches SQL Analytics — You have a data warehouse, a data lake, and now Databricks is moving into the ‘lake house’ where data processing and analytics are combined and SQL analytics aims to let you run SQL-driven BI and reporting workloads directly upon data lakes.


Amazon DocumentDB Introduces Transactions and MongoDB 4.0 Compatibility — AWS shows no sign of slowing down with any of its developments and their controversial (in some quarters) MongoDB-compatible document store is catching up with MongoDB 4.0 in the area of ACID transactions and cluster level change streams.

Amazon Web Services

Migrating Large Heroku Postgres Instances to AWS Aurora Without Downtime — Heroku is often a great place to start but the flexibility of RDS is appealing particularly if there are other AWS bits and pieces you want to work with (or to save costs, as in this case). There’s a lot to process and enjoy here as there were a lot of moving parts.

Adam McQuistan

Google Cloud SQL Adds PostgreSQL 13 Support

Google Cloud

Monitoring MySQL Database Performance with New Relic — Don’t take MySQL for granted. It's more complex than you may think. See key metrics to monitor in production.

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Powerful New Features in Azure Cache for Redis — Back in May, Microsoft partnered with Redis Labs to bring Redis Enterprise to Azure (in the shape of Azure Cache for Redis) and they’re now bringing extra features to it.

Julia Liuson (Azure)

Minimizing Read-Write MySQL Downtime at Yelp — Yelp is a significant user of MySQL and has brought together various tools to improve failure detection and execute automated recovery processes.

Nick Del Nano (Yelp)

Why Databases Are Needed on the Edge — The proliferation of smart devices and the IoT are putting pressure on developers to adopt more sophisticated processes to manage data.

Alex Woodie (Datanami)

Announcing CockroachDB 20.2 — CockroachDB 20.2 includes spatial data types and indexing, improved performance on TPC-C and TPC-H benchmarks, and introduces CockroachDB on Kubernetes.

Meagan Goldman (Cockroach Labs)

gron: Make JSON Greppable — A tool written in Go that transforms JSON into more easily greppable assignments, so you can use grep and see the context/path of the result. Useful.

Tom Hudson

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