#331 — November 20, 2020

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Database Weekly

'Everything You Know About MongoDB is Wrong' — Both fairly and unfairly, MongoDB has been the target of numerous assertions over the years that they’re keen to correct and refine. Does MongoDB really lose your data? Is it ‘easy’? Find out more here.

Mark Smith (MongoDB)

Elasticsearch 7.10.0 Released — The latest version of the popular search-focused database features ‘searchable snapshots’, a beta feature for directly searching snapshots (basically Elasticsearch backups!) without restoring them in full — which opens up some neat opportunities like keeping larger searchables in snapshots on S3 or Azure Storage, say.

Elastic Blog

CockroachDB 20.2, Build More, Deploy Easier, Innovate Faster — Our 20.2 release checks two important boxes: the most upvoted feature request of all time (Geospatial Indexing) and the most passionate community feedback (making distributed Backup & Restore free). We also improved performance by 40%.

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'Why I Left IBM to Work on CockroachDB' — Despite the title, this is more an interesting story of what a self described ‘database nerd’ got up to at IBM working on its autonomic computing team and on their Db2 database products.

Adam Storm

Amazon Timestream vs DynamoDB for Timeseries Data — A comparison of Amazon Timestream with DynamoDB for time series data storage. There’s quite a bit of nuance involved, but part of the conclusion is that “DynamoDB is faster for targeted queries, whereas Timestream is better for analytics that include large amounts of data.”

Michael Bahr

Cloudflare Unveils Free Tier of Its Workers KV StoreWorkers KV is Cloudflare’s key value store for its serverless edge platform and it now gains a free tier (1GB total storage, 100k reads, 1k write/list/delete ops per day) opening up to everyone using Workers. The max value size also goes from 10MB to 25MB.

Greg McKeon

Importing 100M+ Records into DynamoDB in Under 30 Minutes — Last week we mentioned that DynamoDB now has an ‘export to S3’ feature, but what about loading data into DynamoDB at scale? Enter a batch of simultaneously running AWS Lambda functions!

Paul Singman

Azure Cosmos DB Serverless Now in Preview — It’s in preview but Azure Cosmos DB now has a consumption-based serverless offering.

Microsoft Azure

Database Horror Stories [Video] — Tammy Bryant, Principal SRE at Gremlin, presents "Database Horror Stories" at the first Prisma Online Meetup.

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Ask HN: Am I Too Late for The “Data Science” Wave? — A busy Hacker News discussion on the top of data science and whether it’s still worth getting into. In short, yes - it’s still early days.

Hacker News

🤡  A Twitter DM-Based Database for Twitterbots on AWS Lambda — Naughty? Genius? A bit of both? This approach made me smile at least. Are you going to use this for anything serious? Probably not.

Armin Samii

Writing a Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper for Clickhouse in Go — Foreign data wrappers (FDWs) provide a way for Postgres servers to interact with external services (including other database systems), such as the ClickHouse OLAP DBMS covered here.

Arun Sori

Working with Astronomical Data in Python — Early days but this is the first public draft of a book being written about using SQL, Astropy, Pandas and Matplotlib to work with astronomical data from Python.

Allen Downey

DynamoDB Design Patterns for Single Table Design — I hope you’ve got a lot of time because this goes into serious depth.

Serverless Life

🔨 Code and Tools

7777: Your Remote AWS Database on Local Port 7777 — This is a neat idea. It’s a paid piece of software, but it automates the job of creating AWS jump servers and SSH tunnels to RDS servers and works with MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB, and Aurora.

Napoli and Deleu

K8ssandra: An Apache Cassandra Distribution for Kubernetes — Includes automation for operational tasks such as repairs, backups, and monitoring.


Postgres 13.1, 12.5, 11.10, 10.15, 9.6.20, and 9.5.24 Released — Updates to all of the currently maintained lines of Postgres to tackle three security vulnerabilities, one of which unfortunately lets certain types of trusted user execute arbitrary SQL as a superuser.

PostgreSQL News

Pydis: A Redis Clone in Python 3 (Sort Of) — The developer’s goal here was to dispel myths about performance when using ‘interpreted’ languages like Python, but I think it proves more of a point about how such languages make it easy to glue things together (here, it’s libuv and hiredis) for an acceptable result.

Bora M. Alper